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This is an on-going work-in-progress, with some odds and ends.

If you have a prior connection and would like to be listed just drop us a note.


Recording is very easy when you start with a great song or performance.


Jim Manley - Jim and I produced 10 finished projects over the years. And many more demos. He played on tons of projects I produced, and brought in many others.

St. Louis Stompers - 12 released recordings I'm pretty sure.

Dick Hyman - One of the best sellers on Victoria Records.

The Chris Talley Trio - An incredible talent and teacher who has contributed so much to music in the area.  Including molding many young people.

John Pizzarelli - Bucky doesn't have a website or FaceBook... but he is part of 14 projects for Victoria Records.  His sons John and Martin Pizzarelli have projects too. A family affair!


Ray Kennedy - There are 14 projects on Victoria Records including Ray.  Including his last ever compilation entitled, SOLO.


Special events happen when you have lots of events. Sorta like; If you're in enough places, eventually you'll be in the right place at the right time!


My first, middle, and last music compadre... Scott Nienhaus


Younger Than Yesterday, 2013

Scott Nienhaus, Terry Jones Rogers,

Tim Politte and Michael Curtis


The Real Macaws, 2011 

Scott Nienhaus, Terry Jones Rogers, Michael "Supe" Granda, Tim Politte

The Rogers/Nienhaus Band with Skip Battin, 1995

Scott Nienhaus, Terry Jones Rogers,

Skip Battin, Vince Barranco

Acousticity, 1988

Scott Nienhaus, Chris Casamento, D. Todd Hellam, Todd Jones, Lee Kram

- Greg "Whipped Cream" Sullivan, Rick Rahmberg, Danny Friz, Ted Habeck.

Scott Nienhaus, Chris Casamento, 1979 - 1986 Duo of wine drinkin' buddies?

Scott Nienhaus, 1976


I met Terry Aden in 1978 in Sikeston, MO. He was on BB Records and I produced an album with him in 1980, we became friends and we did a lot of writing together.  He is no longer with us but the songs will never die.


Most awards in music come in the form of The Grammies. But in Barbershop they come in International Champions... some that I recorded over the years...

The Tetrachords - Female Quartet 

International Champions, 1978

The Gas House Gang - Male Quartet International Champions, 1993

5 recordings.


Weekend Edition - Female Quartet International Champions, 1996 

The Ambassadors of Harmony - Mens Chorus International Champions,  2004, 2009, 2012  3 - recordings


Laying out artwork is so incredibly easy when you start with great photography.


Linda Rivard Photography - Great work on many of Victoria's projects; Brett Stamps, Michael Terry, Jim Manley, etc.


Madison Thorn Photography - The vast majority of background photos on this site are from Madison. These were taken of my 1949 Steinway Grand Piano. They were for hire for a specific job but, I continue using them over and over again. She did; Jim Manley Brass Poison II, Ray Kennedy Solo, Dick Hyman & Ken Peplowski at the Kitano etc, Awesome talent Bratwoman!

Dede Doering Photography - I found DeDe on Facebook showing an incredible eye.  She has done the last couple of projects for us. 


Selling is incredibly easy when you start with a nice budget and let the creators create incredible product.


Mel Bay Publications  - I started recording projects for them about 1980. 30 years creating products in every style of music, primarily educational.  I'll bet I touched 1200+ projects over the years. Recording, Mixing or Mastering...


Like Chet Atkins, I too started learning guitar with the "This is a pick" book, The Modern Guitar Method. 

– Thanks Bill Bay

Washington University - A huge volume of recording jobs for years. The Pikers, The Greenleafs, The Amateurs, The Mosaic Whispers, etc.

Orange Coworking in Austin, TX. - Shelley Delayne is the best ever.

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