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The concept: Depression era look. Feel. Sound.


A post script: This album is probably the last our band will ever release. We would have done everything in our power to make it our best album, but that would have left us very little material to put on the next one.


Classic Jazz / Dixieland

St. Louis Stompers - Plain Dirt

SKU: VC4400
  • Jubilee Stomp

    Jazz Me Blues

    Plain Dirt

    Lena Queen of Palestina

    Missouri Bluebird

    Save It Pretty Mama

    Octopus' Garden

    Give It Up

    Candy Lips

    What Can I Say Dear After I Say I'm Sorry?

    Sensation Rag

    Original Dixieland Jass Band One Step

    Ole Miss

    Emperor Norton's Hunch


    All About Sue

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