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This is a follow-up to Jims' first big jazz band project only this time with special guest Bucky Pizzarelli. 

This project was recorded during the passing of Maynard Ferguson. So on the last day of the recording sessions, Jim wrote and recorded a song called "For Maynard" for his friend and hero on the very last day of recording. It was a very emotional day for many trumpet players all over the world. I wonder how many new mouthpieces were sold?


A tidbit of fun... Jim Manley, Bill Becker, Bucky Pizzarelli and I (Greg Trampe) went out for a meal after the recording session. We went to an Italian restaurant where the background music was from the Sinatra era. Bucky started naming all the musicians that were on almost every tune. Jim knew almost all of them as well. Bill and I hardly got a word in all night! The best musicians generally breathe this stuff. Bucky has had many breaths in his 90 plus years, starting as an NBC staff musician in 1952. Oh, including his short 30 year stint in Doc Severinson's tonight show band.

Jim Manley - Splendor in the Brass 2, special guest Bucky Pizzarelli

SKU: VC4366
  • What Is This Thing Called Love

    Soft Winds

    Mas Que Nada

    When Sunny Gets Blue

    Alone Together

    Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me

    Lover Come Back To Me

    Easy Living


    For Maynard

    Lullaby of Birdland

    When Sunny Gets Blue (Reprise)

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