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This project is an exploration of some of the great music that was put out in the 70's and beyond. A funky hard hitting turn up the volume, sit down between the speakers and hold on to something.


Side note from Greg Trampe - When Jim and I were looking for songs to record, I thought of "It's Your Thing." It happened that I was working in the studio with Ernie Isley on some of his new material as well. I asked him what he thought about recording guitar on his Isley Brothers hit song. He said sure, and showed up for the recording date. He started setting up his guitar gear and said, "I didn't play guitar on that original record, I played the drums!" Oops, I think there was a red face in the room.


Jazz / Funk - Rhythm and Horns

Jim Manley - Brass Poison

SKU: VC4381
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    Rocket Man

    Soul Makossa

    Seven Days

    It's Your Thing

    Santa Cruzin'

    Well You Needn't


    Brass Poison


    Blues For Miles

    I Feel The Earth Move

    Grazin' In The Grass

    Last Night

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